Stop the time, leave aside the headaches and enjoy a session of SPA or a Relaxing or Therapeutic Massage!

The SPA of Serra de Prades Resort is a space where you can enjoy and disconnect for an hour in a private and quiet way.

After a good day of physical activity, decongest your body, you will appreciate it! Come to reception or call us at 977 86 90 50 to reserve your time!



50 min – 45 €


50 min – 80 € p.pax


Leg Circulatory Massage

Relieves the feeling of pressure and provides lightness. It is indicated for tired legs, prevent and improve varicose veins or simply improve limb circulation.

Podal Reflexology

Stimulates and balances the entire body through the reflex points of the foot, improving the quality of sleep and well-being in general.

Craneo-facial Massage

It relaxes the mind and helps concentration and reduce stress. It also improves blood concentration in the head, enhancing brain functions and allowing a healthier skin and a younger look.

Pregnancy Massage

It prepares the body and skin to the changes produced by pregnancy. Relaxes, relieves back pain, muscle fatigue, and gives lightness in the legs.

Relaxing massage

Relax and reduce the symptoms of stress and fatigue, balance energy and improve sleep.

Lymphatic Massage

Massage with slow rhythmic, harmonic and very soft movements that stimulates the drainage of these lymphatic ducts, cleaning the congested areas


2 pax – 32 € 4 pax – 50 €

Inquire at reception