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Paco Barrajón and Adela Mas (Mycologist)

PhD in Financial Economics and Accounting. His passion is Mycology since 2004, collaborating with Serra de Prades Resort and its clients, he has managed to collect more than 934 species of mushrooms from the Prades Mountains.

We will leave in a group at approximately 10 am from the Reception. We will go to the forest to hunt all the mushrooms you like, because Paco will sort them by name after lunch at the Restaurant "Els Ceps" (with the Autumn Menu), and sort by edible and inedible species. After lunch Adela Mas will give us a talk on the world of mushrooms and cooking, and you will have them for any questions. If you like mushrooms you can't miss it !!
Sortida de bolets

Meet all kinds of mushrooms with the book!

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4 People
45 m2
pets allowed
Luxury bungalow for 4 people, totally stone and located on top with the best views.
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Bungalow L 5P

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Bungalow L 4P

4 People
45 m2
pets not allowed
Wooden bungalow 45m2 with a plant, ideal for large families with children and people with disabilities.
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