If you enjoy hyking bring your backpack and mountain boots with you to Serra de Prades Campsite: we’ll inform you on the routes that best meet your interest with GPS tracks and roadmaps for all family members.

We suggest you to plan your stay in advance so that you don’t miss the great natural environment surrounding Serra de Prades Mountains’.

  • Best & Easy-to-do Tracks around the Serra de Prades Campsite ( Walking map, click HERE . GPS tracks, click HERE )
  • Walking Tours to the Natural Parc of Poblet
  • Walking Tours to Montsant Natural Park
  • Ask for a free Easy Walking Map at your check-in or print it HERE.
  • Catalonian Topographic Maps with all details are available at Reception.
  • Ask for our Sportive, Photographic, Botanic and Ornithological Excursions to the Forest.

Enjoy the landscape

Hem dissenyat circuits molt fàcils, ideals pels que volen fer una passejada pels voltants de Vilanova i excursions ja més llargues, d’unes quantes hores i amb més desnivell per a qui vulgui passar tot un día coneixent el territori.

Circuit terapèutic

Oferim una passejada única en mig d’un magnífic bosc que és propietat del càmping, on entre altres ens podrem abraçar als arbres, entre ells un castanyer centenari, dels més grans de Catalunya. Entre quatre no arribarem a rodejar-lo! Estarem en el més absolut silenci i de tant en quant només sentirem els ocells que tenen els seus nius en els arbres del voltant.

Starting Routes by Foot from Serra de Prades Campsite.:

El Curull Peak

About 1023 meters high: 60 min walking, it is a easy walking for all your family from where you can see the snowy Catalan Pirynees, the misted flat area of Lleida, Montserrat Mountains in Barcelona, and The Mountains of Prades.

Els Calaixo’s Caves:

30 min walk, ideal for families with children.

Prades Walking:

6,6km This is the shortest walking path from Vilanova de Prades to Prades

10/20 minutes by car from Camping Serra de Prades:

La Febró Canyon

One of the most espectacular waterfall to do Canyoning or just swiming into the clear water bass.

L’Abellera Hermitage

The Hermitage was builded under the Natural Rocky Walls. From that point you can enjoy a great lanscape to the Capafons Forest.

La Baltasana

It is the Highest peak of Mountains of Prades (1200 meters). Don’t miss the sunset there!

La Febró Caves:

30 meters high Crack open an underworld adventure into the Febro’s Caves. Some caves are available for starters, families but others are for advanced Spelunker.

Sant Antoni i Santa Magdalena Hermitages

Placed on the North side of Montsant from where many nice walking paths starts.

Freguerau Big Canyon:

Placed on the North side of Montsant , the canyon take you from Ulldemolins to Margalef (12km) , following the Montsant River and crossing nice wooden bridges and Old Hermitage as Bartomeu (4 km walking) showed on this photo.

Margalef Lake:

Driving access is from Bellaguarda and walikng from Ulldemolins. It Is not allowed swiming but the wondeful landscape and walking is a good value.

El Toll de L’olla

About 30 minuts driving from Vilanova de Prades. 5 minuts walking from the parking you can find several wonderful waterfalls to swim.

Siurana and the Lake

The Small Village of Siurana is an Artistic and Historical Monument and the lake is just below it. The lake offer you a many activities like swiming, rent a kayak, sailing, or fishing. We recomend you to lay on the big walls around the Village while sunset because the valley changes from the brown to the red rock colors. Unforgetable!

Ruta micològica del bosc de CastellFollit

Adequat per a amants de l’excursionisme que vulguin coronar la vall de Castellfollit i gaudir de la diversitat d’ambients forestals que ofereix aquest itinerari.

Geològic del bosc de Poblet

Àrea de lleure Roca de l’Abella de Castellfollit.

Alzinar de la Pena

A la Font de la Magnèsia s’inicia un recorregut que va ser un dels primers itineraris de natura senyalitzats a Catalunya

La Ruta del Cister

Coneix el patrimoni monumental, cultural i tradicional dels pobles i viles