Enjoy the landscape

We have designed very easy circuits, ideal for those who want to take a walk around Vilanova and longer excursions, of a few hours and with more gradient for those who want to spend a whole day knowing the territory.

Therapeutic circuit

We offer a unique walk in the middle of a magnificent forest that is owned by the campsite, where among others we can embrace the trees, including a hundred-year-old chestnut tree, one of the largest in Catalonia. Between four we won’t get around it! We will be in the absolute silence and from time to time we will only hear the birds that have their nests in the surrounding trees.

Starting Routes by Foot from Serra de Prades Campsite.:

El Pic del Curull

About 1023 meters high: 60 min walking, it is a easy walking for all your family from where you can see the snowy Catalan Pirynees, the misted flat area of Lleida, Montserrat Mountains in Barcelona, and The Mountains of Prades.

Els Calaixo’s Caves:

Ideal walk with family and children.

Prades Walking:

6,6km This is the shortest walking path from Vilanova de Prades to Prades

10/20 minutes by car from Camping Serra de Prades:

La Febró Canyon

One of the most espectacular waterfall to do Canyoning or just swiming into the clear water bass.

L’Abellera Hermitage

You can’t miss the views from the hermitage built under a stone cliff.

La Baltasana

It is the Highest peak of Mountains of Prades (1200 meters). Don’t miss the sunset there!

Els avencs de la Febró

30 meters high Crack open an underworld adventure into the Febro’s Caves. Some caves are available for starters, families but others are for advanced Spelunker.

Sant Antoni and Santa Magdalena Hermitages

Placed on the North side of Montsant from where many nice walking paths starts.

Freguerau Big Canyon:

Placed on the North side of Montsant , the canyon take you from Ulldemolins to Margalef (12km) , following the Montsant River and crossing nice wooden bridges and Old Hermitage as Bartomeu (4 km walking) showed on this photo.

Margalef Lake:

Driving access is from Bellaguarda and walikng from Ulldemolins. It Is not allowed swiming but the wondeful landscape and walking is a good value.

El Toll de l’Ou

Located at the top of Montsant you will find a crystal clear waterfall for swimming.

Siurana and the Lake

The Poblet de Siurana is a Historic Artistic Monument. We advise you to visit in the afternoon when the sun goes down and the cliffs will look reddish. In the Swamp you can go kayaking, bathe or even fish in crystal clear water.

Mycological route of the CastellFollit forest

Suitable for lovers of hiking who want to crown the Castellfollit valley and enjoy the diversity of forest environments that this itinerary offers.

Geological of the forest of Poblet

Roca de l’Abella leisure area in Castellfollit.

Alzinar de la Pena

A route begins at the Font de la Magnèsia, which was one of the first signposted nature itineraries in Catalonia.

La Ruta del Cister

Get to know the monumental, cultural and traditional heritage of the towns and villages