The Serra de Prades is the only complex of first category in which you can stay in a Bungalow or install your store or Caravan. A 5 minute walk you can enjoy more than 500 climbing routes.

  • More than 400 routes at just 5 minutes from Serra de Prades
  • Climbing for all levels. With more than 90 routes up to 5th grade.
  • Excellent rock Conglomerate and Calcarea with technical climbing of holes.
  • 920 meters in length. Sunny in winter and cool in summer.

Climbing all year round

Thanks to the good weather of Vilanova de Prades, we enjoy the sun during the winter and cool days during the summer.

Here you can see the advice of Dani Andrada, one of the best climbers in the world.

Climbing courses

Bouder indoor

Started climbing with a very simple way and with the best professionals. You just need some climbing shoes and magnesium. The indoor climbing wall is an easy option to learn the technique and then go to the natural rock.

Place: Facility in Serra de Prades Duration: 1 hour Minimum persons: 4 Minimum age: 5 years Price: 4€ Accommodated, 6€ Not accommodated

Outdoor climbing

Start in a natural rock climbing wall to prepare artificial stones to facilitate your evolution and learning.

Place: Serra de Prades Duration: 2 hours Minimum persons: 4 Minimum age: 5 years Price: Free for accommodated,15€ Not accommodated (insurance is mandatory)

Rock climbing initation

Spend a morning with the best company and realize that not all of escalating force. With a good monitor you will see there are ways to climb very easy for all levels.

Place: Area climbing in Vilanova de Prades Duration: 2 mornings or afternoons Minimum persons: 2 Minimum age: 10 years Price: To consult 619 737 201

Climbing Training

If you are a climber and want to progress quickly in the world of climbing, this is your course. The best instructors with experience that will make climbing is your passion.

Place: Vilanova de Prades climbing area
Duration: 2 mornings or 2 afternoons
Minimum people: 2
Minimum age: 10 years
Price: To consult 619 737 201