Canyoning is a sport that can be practiced in family and replaces the best aquatic parks.

Canyoning courses

Canyons of level 1

Concerned only go so well, our instructors will make you spend an unforgettable day. The Canyons is a good option to cool off and enjoy the best water park in groups.

Durada: 3 hores
Mínim persones: 4
Preu: 45 €

Canyons of level 2

Once it has started we suggest taking a ravine longest and best. Enjoy jumps up to 15 meters and areas with spectacular reminder

Durada: 4 hores
Mínim persones: 4
Preu: 45 €

Aventura’t a gaudir de l’aigua a les Muntanyes de Prades

No et perdis els diferents Barrancs que el Serra de Prades té al seu voltant!!