At the time we register, the following internal regulations are accepted. If these rules are not accepted, Serra de Prades may apply the right of non-admission.


They are in a Camping – Bungalow – Resort, first class and with great comfort. The environmental quality Holiday Park that you and your family deserve. Help us keep your service in perfect condition!


· REGISTRATION: Upon arrival, the first thing to do is identify yourself at reception. Every stay must be registered, with an exact statement of the name and identity of people, pets, vehicles, equipment and any other data subject to rate and control.

· ACCESS AND USE OF SERVICES: Reserved for registered customers and visitors. Depending on the season you will have to wear an identification bracelet.

· ACCESS, EXIT AND INTERIOR TRAFFIC OF VEHICLES: Registered customers and visitors are authorized, from 8am to 11pm, only to enter and exit the „Serra de Prades“. Driving on the roads, at a speed lower than 10 km / h, with maximum caution and minimum noise, especially during the rest period between 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.

· DOMESTIC ANIMALS: Once declared at Reception, they will always remain linked and with their owners, who will be liable for any damages they may cause. They will be prevented from fulfilling their needs within the Holiday Park and, if applicable, the person in charge of the animal will collect them, bag them and deposit them in the appropriate place.

· CUSTODY OF SECURITIES: „Serra de Prades“ is responsible only for those deposited in the vault of the Holiday Park and, in no case, will it be liable for any immutable damage or loss, such as those caused to people or property, or due to meteorological phenomena or force majeure.

· ELECTRICAL ENERGY: It has to be disconnected by the user every time the plot or bungalow is vacated. A consumption greater than 1320 watts, in 6 amp connections, can be a reason for an automatic cut of the electricity supply to the plot.

· IT IS FORBIDDEN TO LIGHT FIRE IN THE NATURAL ENVIRONMENT: It will be cooked in the appropriate places and, with camping barbecues, only with charcoal and permanently controlled, they will be the sole responsibility of the users. It will be forced to turn off if it is not with coal.

· CHILDREN UNDER 10 YEARS OLD AND PEOPLE WITH FUNCTIONAL DIVERSITY: They may use the sports and leisure facilities, necessarily accompanied by an adult responsible for their care and safety.

· RIGHT OF ADMISSION: The management of „Serra de Prades“ reserves the right of admission. The contract may be automatically terminated and the immediate expulsion of the user who, without prior authorization, lacks the respect of workers fulfilling their function to the „Serra de Prades“ Holiday Park, changes the plot, alters the order, does not respect the environment, the basic principles of social coexistence, these regulations or the FNCE internal regime official exposed to reception and accepted by the client.


· NATURE: Respect the grove and botanical plantations. Go through the roads without crossing stone walls or other people’s plots. Users are prohibited from any construction, fixed installation or planting in the Holiday Park. These investments are reserved by „Serra de Prades“, because you can stay calmly in nature with great comfort.

TRANQUILITY: SILENCE PERIOD: from 11pm to 8am. Total silence is requested. REST PERIOD: from 1pm to 4pm. For the well-being of your neighbors, ensure minimal noise, low sound on TV sets. , radio, etc.

· PLOT: Always keep the natural area clean, including cigarette butts, and at the end of your stay, leave it in perfect condition out of deference to new users and respect for the Environment.

· SERRA DE PRADES FACILITIES: Help us to preserve the quality of the structure, facilities and efficiency of the services, for your own benefit and for the good of the entire Community. Please urgently notify the staff at your service or Reception of any anomaly, for immediate normalization.

· Water: It is a valuable and scarce asset that must be managed. For this reason, the different drinking water supplies are timed in fountains, showers, sinks, sinks, laundries, services and drip irrigation with an underground network. „European Water Charter“. Strasbourg, 6-V-68, Art.11 °: „There is no life without water. An indispensable treasure for any type of human activity“.

· DRINKING WATER SOURCES: Equipped with taps with automatic closing pushbutton, they must be used exclusively to drink quality water. It is forbidden to wash dishes or clothes in the fountains.

· DRINKING WATER SOURCES: Equipped with taps with automatic closing pushbutton, they must be used exclusively to drink quality water. It is forbidden to wash dishes or clothes in the fountains.

· SOLAR THERMAL AND ELECTRIC ENERGY: They generate ecology and alternately supply air heating in the Services and domestic hot water, at an ideal temperature thanks to a modern installation. To save energy, the heating works until 24 hours.

· ENERGY SAVING LIGHTING: In indoor community areas, make the most of natural light and, when necessary, artificial lighting (the lights have low consumption of electricity). In outdoor areas, an automatic system controls the switching on and off of access lighting for the parking lot, buildings, roads, gardens and natural stone walls with low-consumption installations. To save energy at 24 hours some streetlights are turned off. After midnight, light pollution will be reduced and localized solar lights will be available for minimal pedestrian traffic with the help of your flashlight.

· HYGIENE: In the services there are adequate rooms for washing and ironing clothes, with automatic machinery, and also for cleaning equipment. Behind the building there is a clothesline, a special facility for cleaning vehicles and a motorhome station with a sink for the discharge of chemical toilets. All this hygiene cannot be carried out in outdoor community areas, plots or roads, for elementary health and environmental reasons.

· SELECTIVE WASTE COLLECTION: Select the waste by type – glass – paper and cardboard – plastics – lamps and metals – batteries – organic matter-, in different bags. They must be deposited in approved containers marked for environmental quality, according to the waste management model, agreed with the „Regional Council of the Conca de Barberà“ and the Vilanova de Prades City Council.


· ACTIVITIES: From the Serra de Prades, activities and sports are organized with and without an instructor. Please explain to the little ones the importance of punctuality, and respect for the monitors for a good organization. The Monitor will prioritize security in the event of poor performance of the activity. They will stop the activity and make decisions at the same time with respect to the other users. If the cause is serious, it will be communicated to those responsible for the minors. As minors under 14 years of age must be accompanied by an adult, this is always responsible for the activity, sports, or nature outings.