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Jan 20, 2020




FEBRUARY 16th of 2020



Serra de Prades Resort collaborates with AFANOC LLEIDA

for the party "Posa't la gorra!".


Owly will be there to dance with you all and make it an unforgettable party!





At AFANOC LLEIDA we have launched, once again, with more excitement than ever, the "Posa't la Gorra" campaign! that will end on February 16 in La Seu Vella with the great celebration of solidarity with children and adolescents with cancer!

It will be the 7th edition and we want to bring thousands of people back together to support these families and continue working to improve their quality of life.

It will surely be a fantastic holiday, as this year we will dedicate it to the fantasy world, a world where children can project their fears, dreams, anxieties, anxieties, dreams and enjoy magical journeys that make them feel. different:

full of energy, with great vitality and resources to deal with the adversities that come to life.

So fantastic beings, fairy wands or magic will focus much of the activities and scenario we have prepared in this edition, which we want to be different, global and very participative!

And all this under the cap, designed this time by Pepe Jeans, which proposes a change of skin to make it stronger and stronger.

The strength needed to face the major changes that will be led by young people.

Come on February 16th in La Seu Vella and discover the magic of the cap!

Put on your hat! ... for childhood cancer

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