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Escalada a Siurana

Climbing is the sport par excellence in the Prades Mountains. The Serra de Prades is the only complex of first category in which you can stay in a Bungalow or install your store or Caravan. A 5 minute walk you can enjoy more than 500 climbing routes.

  • More than 500 roads just 5 minutes walk from the Serra de Prades.
  • Climbing for all levels. With more than 90 routes up to 5th grade.
  • Excellent rock Conglomerate and Calcarea with technical climbing of holes.
  • 920 meters in length. Sunny in winter and cool in summer.

Climbing all year round thanks to the good weather of Vilanova de Prades.

The Serra de Prades is 920 meters high so we enjoy the sun during the winter and cool days during the summer.

Here you can see the advice of Dani Andrada, one of the best climbers in the world.

Our Guide:

"Tarragona Climbs" climbing guide: € 30 for sale at Reception in the Serra de Prades. More than 2960 routes available!



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Photo Gallery: 
Tarragona Climbs
Zona Escalada Serra de Prades
Serra de Prades
Vilanova de Prades, a 920 metres d'alçada.Bon clima per escalar tot l'any
Escalada Serra de Prades

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